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Girls like to receive compliments often. If you compliment her on her clothes or new hairstyle, you’re likely to succeed in attracting them to you.


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Welcome to Positive Personals,

Positive Personals offers exclusive advice to female writers of personals.
Writing personals can be very easy, if you learn how to get rid of your complexes and fears. In Positive Personals, you will find all the keys to succeed and seduce men online.

Singles, in general, find hard to write personals. It is difficult to try to portrait yourself in some lines and make it sound original, attractive and enticing. Men, in general, meet more difficulties than women do, because they find harder to speak about their feelings. However, many women have complexes or fears that prevent them from writing good personals for no reason.

In Positive Personals, women find all the answers to the eternal questions about personals and dating. Our experts will help you gain self-confidence and write attractive and unique personals.

Some women with weight problems, for example, are afraid of posting their picture. They fear nobody will contact them. This is a fallacy. First, pictures are not that important in personals. People are looking for meaningful relationships and care more about the character features and interests of the person whose profile they are viewing. Second, standards of beauty vary from one person to another. Therefore, some people like skinny women, but some others do not. If you are a woman with some weight excess, pick your favorite photograph and send it with conviction. You will see how many responses you get!

Another common feature in women’s behavior, when it comes to writing personals, is that they tend to undermine their virtues. You have to be sincere about yourself and make the best of your personality shine. In personals, you don’t have to write, for example, that you change moods very often. People might hold back. This doesn’t mean that you have to lie, but just let the person who will be interested in you see first your good virtues. Only after some mutual knowledge, you can speak about that kind of things. Perhaps, your change of moods will stop when you meet your special one. So, why scare them from the beginning.

The amount of female members at sites for personals is far bigger than that of male. First, there are statistically more women in the world than men are. And, second, personals encourage the participation of women, in order to attract men.

Therefore, if you are a woman, you will find more competition than a man would find. You need to write better personals. You need to outstand among the crowd. Above all, you have to be daring and courageous, and get rid of all complexes and fears.

Positive Personals is the essential site for women who want to become the queen of their sites for personals !

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It’s been 6 months since I joined an online community for personals. So far, I’ve made some good friends and met nice people, but these personals don’t seem to be the way to find love. What should I do? Should I look for different personals? Cameron R.

Dear Cameron,your final decision depends on your initial goals when you joined your personals. If you just entered these personals for meeting new people and have fun, I don’t see why you should look for other personals if you are having fun with these ones. But, if you were looking for love, and these personals don’t provide you with it, then, you should definitely look for other personals. You can still keep in touch with your friends at your present site for personals, but look for love somewhere else.

Don’t wait for things to feel right. You have financial responsibilities and an opportunity will soon present itself to you. Seize it. You may, in the end be pleasantly surprised. Stop thinking and start doing more. Try finding a balance between your desires, and what the moment demands.
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2nd February 2005
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