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American Singles

American Singles

Professional American singles do not have much time to socialize. American singles with successful careers devote most of their time to work. The majority of American singles have high expectations regarding their professional future. Therefore, sometimes, personal life seems to play a secondary role in their lives. However, many American singles truly want to have a more active social life, but simply do not manage to do it. Dating sites have come to help these American singles. The amount of websites dedicated to American singles is enormous, and their success remarkable.

Why don’t you send this American Singles portal your comments on any of the articles that we have posted on online dating, personals or any other American singles subject? Looking for something specifically on the active American singles scene but cannot seem to find it? Send us a line telling us what it is; we will look into it to try to feed the curiosity of at least one of the many American singles around.

In a new survey of over 15,000 American singles, almost two-thirds of the women and over half of the men claim that they have logged onto at least one online dating site. American singles are exploring dating possibilities, finding out more about themselves and expanding their boundaries. Among online daters, more than half of the men and women say they’re getting more dates, more sex and more long term relationships as a result of using online personals.

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8th December 2004
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